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11/21/10 · 12:47am
Quick Tip: Rally Flags
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A while back, we earned a really great amenity for the guild hall: the Guild Strategist.

This NPC can give you a Rally Flag (also referred to as a “rally banner”), which you can place just about anywhere in Norrath. Once planted, you can speak to the Strategist in the guild hall to be instantly teleported to the banner (“rally point”). The rally point will be viable for two hours. Only one banner can be planted at a time, and only the last banner planted is usable.

If you’re in-game when a banner is placed, you’ll get a notification in your chat window as well as a popup message telling you who planted the banner and where.

What happens if you just logged in and aren’t sure if the guild has a banner planted somewhere already? It’s easy to check!

Just hit “U” to open the Guild window and click the “Main” tab. You’ll see a zone name next to the “Rally Flag” label if there’s an active guild rally point anywhere in the game world!