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2/16/11 · 2:19pm
Server Merge Updates
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I’ll be updating this post as more information is shared in the Lucan D’Lere to Crushbone Server Merge Discussion Thread on the EQ2 forums.


Original post by Amnerys (02/15/2011 14:57:31):

Hey everyone! Please see the announcement linked above about the server merge for Lucan D’Lere and Crushbone.

The Lucan D’Lere server will be coming offline at 9:00 pm PST. Crushbone will be taken down at 12:00 am PST.

Please feel free to use this thread to chat while you anxiously await meeting your new server family. In fact, you might use this thread to get to know each other in the meantime.

Please note that many of the small bugs that were found during the first round of merges have now been addressed and shouldn’t affect the upcoming merges. However, if you experience unexpected results from the merge, we invite you to let us know about them here in this thread. Thanks!


Update from Rothgar (02/16/2011 01:45:06):

The merge process is moving forward on schedule.  There have been no issues so far and I’ll update again in the morning.


Update from Rothgar (02/16/2011 10:59:50):

The merge is going well and QA is checking everything now.

We did find an issue with the LDL server title that will unfortunately require a hotfix.  So, this will delay giving the titles until the day or two after Velious launches.


Update from Rothgar (02/16/2011 15:03:30):

Crushbone will be opening soon!


Update from Rothgar (02/16/2011 15:06:14):

Uceg@Crushbone wrote:

does that mean that servers are up early Rothgar?

Sorry, we have one other situation to fix but hopefully that won’t be long.


Update from Rothgar (02/16/2011 16:18:03):

Ok, we’re there!

If you find any issues or problems, please report them here asap or message me in game.  I’ll be in chat.


Keep in mind there is a known issue with your Guild’s Call to Guild Hall spell.

Someone will need to zone into your GH through the door in order to re-establish that you have the call amenity.  Once that is done, everyone’s spell should work again.


Erollisi Day 2011 went live on February 9, and it runs through February 20. There are new craftables, new quests and quest rewards, and lots of love-ins happening across Norrath, so get out there and have fun! You can check out a write-up of this year’s events at EQ2i, and EQ2 Traders has images of the new crafted items, rewards, and purchasables.

Lucan D’Lere will be merging with Crushbone on February 16! For what to expect, check out Zam’s Server Merger article. Make sure that you read over the character name priority guidelines, and prepare for disruptions in access to chat channels, mail, and friends lists. While you shouldn’t experience any issues to housing or existing mail, I recommend taking the following steps just to cover all your bases:

  • Make sure you’ve read all mail in your mailbox and retrieved all attachments. You may not be able to access messages immediately after the server comes up, so sort all that out beforehand.
  • Save a copy of each character’s house layout just in case you find things are wonky when the merge is complete. You can save a layout by clicking the “Save Layout” button in your in-home house access window (type /house or right-click on the door).
  • Log on each character before the servers come down for the merge. Name priority is given first to characters logged in within the past 60 days, then to the character with the most play-time. You can compare your characters to those on Crushbone by doing a character name search on EverQuest2.com. Click on the character names to compare the total time played.

The last bit of big news is a reminder that Destiny of Velious arrives February 22! Be sure to get your prelude quests wrapped up and your pre-order placed, then brace yourself for all the goodies that will come with the new expansion!