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11/24/09 · 1:31pm
Prizes Deferred

Ysharros has deferred the bonus prizes she won for Kalliste and Fairuza, so I’ve had to dig in the event logs to find the next runners-up. :)

They are DENAT (first writ of the day) and PRATT (most writs on the day), respectively. I’ll be shooting them a letter in-game shortly!

Edit 11/29: Maxum (one of Pratt’s alts) has also deferred his prize…it will instead go to CATARYA.

10/27/09 · 8:42pm
Push to 60: Correction & DING!

I inadvertently left two of our newest members out of the tally I posted yesterday. The original post has been corrected to reflect the proper standings!

In the overall increase category, Pratt comes in at #30 with 639 points earned, and Phlebas comes in at #32 with 119 points earned. In the percentage increase category, Pratt comes in at #4 with a 63,900.00% increase, and Phlebas comes in at #6 with a 11,900.00% increase.

In other news, we’ve just dinged level 59! Level 60 is within our sights… Don’t forget to vote for your 3 amenity choices in the poll to the right; when we hit 60, the top 3 amenities will be purchased for the entire guild to use!

Well done, everyone!