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It’s time for EQ2’s ninth (NINTH!) expansion Chains of Eternity is landing on the live servers tomorrow, so here are the requisite links to more info to keep you informed during the downtime and as you begin to venture into the new content.

The main talking points are thus:

  • All level caps raised from 92 to 95
  • 2 new overland zones
  • Several new solo & group dungeons
  • A few new raids
  • Quest feather color-coding
  • Tradeskill prestige abilities

I’ll post more info as it’s available, and the game update notes will be shared here as soon as possible. :)

9/6/12 · 10:49pm
All kinds of breaking news!

It’s been an exciting day for EQ2 players and other SOE gamers.

First, the next EQ2 expansion has been announced: Chains of Eternity! Release is slated for November, which is just around the corner, so keep an eye out for prelude events, beta signups, and more details about the expansion itself in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, check out these articles for more info:

Second, SOE has announced a new program called Player Studio. It will basically allow players of supported SOE games to create content that could be put up for sale in the Marketplace — and the player that created the item gets a cut of the profit! Learn more about this innovative program here: