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4/3/12 · 11:05pm
Boston, ahoy! #PAXETU12
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This weekend is PAX East 2012, and vast hordes of Empire members will be flooding the streets of Boston and causing all manner of civil unrest!!

Ok, actually, several of us are going to be at the PAX East 2012 Tweetup, hanging in the Westin Waterfront hotel lobby — unless we get shunted elsewhere — with other Tweeps, laughing our butts off and generally having a grand old time. Last year was a bit shaky, location- and coordination-wise, but still quite a hoot, and it was really nice to put faces with names (or names and faces with aliases, as it were).

As it stands now, Peter (Aethgar, Riowa, Raffe, et al) and I will be there, as will Chris (Scopique) and Allen (Lyriana). Of course, other Tweeps will be along as well, and you may finally be able to meet at least a few of the people who know what you had for lunch yesterday and would be able to pick your pet out of a lineup. :)

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