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‘Site Updates’ Category Archive
7/12/10 · 12:37pm
Guild Hall page updates
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I’ve just finished updating our Guild Hall Guide! It includes new maps and icons, and it’s new code means it will be easier to update as the guild levels and buys more amenities.

There will be more updates to the guide coming soon; I plan on creating a page with the various methods members can use to reach the guild hall, which will feature character names and house addresses that will make it easy to find a Magic Door.

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I’ve just finished a page entitled “How Can I Contribute?” It outlines some of the ways in which members can help the guild. Check it out, and let me know if you have anything to add!

How Can I Contribute?

4/3/10 · 12:57am
Code of Honor posted!
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I’ve added a new page to our guild documents: the Code of Honor. These are common-sense guidelines that all guild members should be familiar with. Check it out!

12/22/09 · 6:54pm
Forums Open!
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I’m going to get the old posts imported tonight, and in anticipation of that, the forums are once again available. :) Go nuts!

12/14/09 · 8:56pm
Forums Updated
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The forums have been updated! Because a reliable way to synchronize WordPress and SMF doesn’t currently exist, I’m giving Simple:Press a go. Please bear with me as I make sure the permissions are set properly. I’m going to attempt to import the old bbPress posts very soon, so the forums are temporarily locked until then to prevent any data collisions when the import is in progress. Thanks for your patience!

12/11/09 · 6:58pm
Forum Changes
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I’ve found that the installation of bbPress that we’re currently using just isn’t as polished as I’d like, so I’ll be working on switching us over to SMF this evening.

I’ll be synchronizing SMF with WordPress, so your login will still be the same, although the existing forum posts may be nuked. Since there aren’t that many, I may be able to convert them manually, but please don’t be upset if they’re lost.

I’ll post another update when everything’s good to go!

11/29/09 · 6:26pm
Guild Hall Guide Updated
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I’ve just finished updating our Guild Hall Guide to include a few recent additions and renovations. :) Enjoy!

10/9/09 · 11:22pm
Some New Guides
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I’ve updated the Guild Hall Guide and added a new one: the In-Game Guild Window. I hope you all find them useful, and please let me know if you have any questions or if you see something I missed. :)

9/10/09 · 10:24pm
New Theme is Up!
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The new theme is up and running! :D I’m still working on polishing a few bits and getting some more content up, but the bare bones are here. Please register for your account and make yourselves at home!

Please note that you will still need to login to Dragonfly (the old site) if you need to update your roster claims. I hope to have a WordPress port of Roster Master one of these days, but until then, I’d rather use DF than not have a roster at all. ;)

8/28/09 · 10:29pm
Site Changes
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The site is undergoing a revamp as I move things from Dragonfly CMS to WordPress. You can still access the Dragonfly version of the site here! Stay tuned as great resources and guild tools come online for everyone to use!