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GU56 will bring New Halas to the live servers, but it also has lots of other changes in store. The way we travel across Norrath will be changing, and as a result some guild hall amenities will be updated with new locations and appearances! You can read more about the upcoming modifications here.

Long story short, the Magic Carpet to the Sinking Sands and the Mariner’s Bell: Shattered Lands that we already have in the guild hall will be redundant — they will both take us to all the same locations. This means that we can remove one of those amenities in order to free up a slot for something new!

This is the perfect opportunity for us to try to raise enough status to purchase the Guild Strategist that we’ve been eyeballing for the last year. We’ll have the amenity slot opened up soon, and we have more than enough coin to buy it. Our only obstacle at this point is to raise the amount of status needed: 20 million. (ouch!)

As of this post, our status drive is GO! We need at least 20 million status in the guild hall escrow by the time that GU56 goes live. Keep in mind that we still have to pay our weekly upkeep between now and then, and any deposited status beyond what we need to purchase the Strategist will be applied to future upkeep and amenity costs.

Not sure how to participate? It’s easy! Just complete adventure or tradeskill writs (aka “City Tasks”) or Heritage quests or sell status loot to our Commodities Exporter inside the guild hall in order to gain personal status points. To donate status to the guild, right-click on the guild hall door or type /house while inside the hall to bring up the housing window. Click the “Deposit” tab, then donate as much or as little status as you want. Remember that status deposited into the guild hall escrow account is non-refundable, but escrow coin and status is never lost, even if we move to another guild hall.

Good luck to everyone, and let’s get those points rolling in!!

4/23/10 · 4:40pm
Ding 64: New Amenity!
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The winner of the level 64 guild hall amenity poll has been purchased! You can find Aoife Bristlethorn, the guild hunter hireling, downstairs next to her fellow harvesters. She will bring back fish, pelts, and meats (if meats are available from dens in the tier you specify) for your crafting enjoyment!

With our level 64 goal reached, it’s time to look ahead to our level 66 guild hall amenity; you can find a new poll to the right. :)

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We’re going to need a tie-breaker on our level 64 amenity poll to the right! If you haven’t voted already, please do so. :)

For a great run-down of the various available amenities and what they do, check out EQ2i’s Guild Hall Amenities article.

2/15/10 · 4:05pm
Ding 62, and a new amenity!
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We hit level 62 last night and unlocked a new amenity for the hall! You can find Sorcha Bluebones downstairs, who will be more than happy to bind your completed collections for you!

Our next milestone is level 64, which will unlock one more amenity slot. Be sure to cast your vote in the poll to the right and choose the amenity you’d like to see purchased next!

11/24/09 · 1:31pm
Prizes Deferred

Ysharros has deferred the bonus prizes she won for Kalliste and Fairuza, so I’ve had to dig in the event logs to find the next runners-up. :)

They are DENAT (first writ of the day) and PRATT (most writs on the day), respectively. I’ll be shooting them a letter in-game shortly!

Edit 11/29: Maxum (one of Pratt’s alts) has also deferred his prize…it will instead go to CATARYA.

11/24/09 · 11:41am
Competition Winners Announced!

Here we go…the winners of the Push to 60 guild contest!!

First, the 5 bonus prizes:

The character who actually dinged the guild level 60 was… LYRIANA!

The character who completed the most writs the day we dinged 60 was… FAIRUZA!

The first character to complete a writ on the day we dinged 60 was… KALLISTE!

The first character to earn an AA point on the day we dinged 60 was… SHAU!

The first character to earn a level on the day we dinged 60 was… MAXUM!

As promised, these 5 lucky characters will receive one mastercrafted item of their choice. I will be contacting them in-game to take their requests, so guys, keep an eye on the mailbox!

And now, the two grand prizes:

The character with the overall highest contributed status increase was… FAIRUZA! She went from 254,937 status to 349,496 status — an increase of 94,559 points!

The character with the highest percentage increase was… PRATT! He went from ZERO status to 71,204 status — in increase of 7,120,400%. Seriously!!

HUGE congratulations are in order for these two! They really worked their backsides off during the competition. As a bonus, they will both be promoted to the rank of Champion because of their incredible contributions to the guild. Well done!!

Thank you again to everyone who contributed. You guys rock. :)

NOTE: In the event that the winning character deferred, the prize was awarded to the first eligible runner-up. In the event that one character qualified for more than one prize in the same category, the additional prizes were awarded to the respective runners-up. In the event that one character qualified for two prizes and the runners-up were two different characters, the winner of the second prize was determined by 1d8. :)

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With just 6.5% to go until we ding 60, it’s time to give a last-minute update on the competition standings! We’ve had 5 new character enter the running since the last update. Sweet!

Keep in mind that these numbers are raw — no changes have been made with regard to players who have taken their characters out of the running.

As bonus prizes, the following characters will each receive one mastercrafted item of their choice! They can choose armor, jewelry, weapons, furniture, charms, consignment containers — anything! I will provide the rares and cover all fuel costs. These winners will be determined by the guild events log in-game. In the event that any of these…events…don’t occur on the day we hit 60, the prize will be awarded to the last character to have logged that event the day before.

  • The character who actually dings the guild level 60.
  • The character who completes the most writs the day we ding 60.
  • The first character to complete a writ on the day we ding 60.
  • The first character to earn an AA point on the day we ding 60.
  • The first character to earn a level (adventure or tradeskill) on the day we ding 60.

Overall Status Increase (Top 5)

  1. Severon: 149,831
  2. Xyne: 111,963
  3. Amarris: 106,380
  4. Elyssia: 104,839
  5. Blais: 100,384

Percentage Status Increase (Top 5)

  1. Pratt: 7,120,400.00%
  2. Feldev: 592,400.00%
  3. Rufous: 351,400.00%
  4. Shau: 292,900.00%
  5. Oakwolf: 125,500.00%

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10/27/09 · 8:42pm
Push to 60: Correction & DING!

I inadvertently left two of our newest members out of the tally I posted yesterday. The original post has been corrected to reflect the proper standings!

In the overall increase category, Pratt comes in at #30 with 639 points earned, and Phlebas comes in at #32 with 119 points earned. In the percentage increase category, Pratt comes in at #4 with a 63,900.00% increase, and Phlebas comes in at #6 with a 11,900.00% increase.

In other news, we’ve just dinged level 59! Level 60 is within our sights… Don’t forget to vote for your 3 amenity choices in the poll to the right; when we hit 60, the top 3 amenities will be purchased for the entire guild to use!

Well done, everyone!

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With level 59 looming large, it’s time to post an update on the competition standings!

If your character’s name isn’t listed, then there has been no change in your status since the contest began on October 1. For characters starting with zero status, they’ve been granted 1 status point for the sake of the math. :)

Overall Status Increase (top 5)

  1. Blais: 52,149
  2. Severon: 50,598
  3. Fairuza: 48,884
  4. Amarris: 48,560
  5. Elyssia: 44,897

Percentage Status Increase (top 5)

  1. Feldev: 592,400.00%
  2. Rufous: 351,400.00%
  3. Shau: 29,2900.00%
  4. Pratt: 63,900.00%
  5. Grayshadow: 12,500.00%

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As of this writing, we’re 17% into level 58, and the long slog to level 60 is almost over. To get everyone motivated to help us reach our next big milestone, I’m holding a guild contest!

There will be TWO WINNERS in this contest:

1. The character who has the overall highest contributed status increase between now and the time we hit level 60 will receive

25 PLAT!

2. The character who has the highest percentage increase in their contributed guild status will receive their choice of ONE of the following prizes:


primary weapon, secondary weapon or shield,
ranged weapon or symbol, cloak, & pair of hex dolls

with 5 high-level guildmates who are ALL mentoring you

By “highest percentage increase,” I mean the character who, during this content, increases their contributed status by the most, relatively speaking. If you go from 1,000 status to 2,000 status, your increase was 100%. If you go from 0 status to 1,000 status, your increase was 1,000%.

The contest runs from today, October 1, until we ding level 60 in-game. I’m making a note of everyone’s status as of tonight, and those are the numbers I’ll be basing the prizes on when they’re awarded.

Many thanks to Elyssia, who contributed half of the 25-plat prize!

In the event that one of my alts qualifies for either prize, it will be awarded to the next character in line.