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In-Game Guild Window
Created on October 9th, 2009 at 11:16pm

Here’s a quick rundown of our most useful in-game tool, the Guild Window. It contains just about everything you want to know about the Empire. You can open the Guild Window at any time by pressing ‘U‘.

"Main" Tab“Main” Tab

This tab contains all of the guild’s vital statistics, including the message of the day (“MOTD”), our most recent events, and various facts and figures:

  • Guild creation date
  • Members online right now
  • Where our guild hall is located
  • Total characters in the guild
  • Total unique player accounts in the guild

It also displays a few of your character’s statistics:

  • Date you joined the guild
  • Your rank within the guild
  • Your total contributed guild status

You can also set whether or not you’d like to see when other guild members log in or out by ticking the notification checkbox above the events listing.

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"Members" Tab“Members” Tab

Here you get a detailed breakdown of the guild’s members. You can see their name, rank, level, class, contributed status, guild points, location (online or offline; if offline, it will say how many days since that character last logged on), and any visible notes.

If you click on a character’s row, you can also see any officer notes (if allowed by your rank) and the date that character joined the guild.

You can sort by any column by clicking on its name across the top of the window; click it again to sort in the opposite direction.

Toggle each character’s combat class and level, tradeskill class and level, or highest class and level by clicking the icon to the right of “Name, Level & Class.”

Filter the characters displayed by using the drop-down menu in the lower left corner of the window.

Members of appropriate rank can promote, demote, or remove members; give members recruiter status; and assign guild points.

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"Events" Tab“Events” Tab

This tab lists the 500 most recent events generated by guild members. You can even click item names to view their stats, or shift+click to preview their appearance!

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"Ranks" Tab“Ranks” Tab

Here you can see a breakdown of members by rank, as well as see which ranks have which permissions. Members of appropriate rank can change these settings, and changes take effect immediately.

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"Event Filters" Tab“Event Filters” Tab

Members of appropriate rank can determine which guild events are logged and/or displayed in guild chat. Changes take effect immediately.

Please DO NOT tick the “Don’t generate guild events for this character” box. We want to celebrate your achievements with you!

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"Bank Settings" Tab“Bank Settings” Tab

Clicking a rank on the left will display that rank’s guild bank permissions on the right. Members of appropriate rank can change these settings, and changes take effect immediately.

Please note: Changes are not retroactive. If you have already reached your 24-hour withdrawal limit before the settings are changed, you will still have to wait before more withdrawals can be made.

You can access the guild bank itself by right-clicking on any banker NPC and selecting “guild bank” from the menu.

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"Bank Log" Tab“Bank Log” Tab

This tab logs ALL guild bank transactions. You can view different bank vaults’ histories via the drop-down menu at the bottom of the window.

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"Recruiting" Tab“Recruiting” Tab

This tab displays the guild’s basic recruitment information. Members of appropriate rank can change this information, and changes take effect immediately. Members designated as recruiters can toggle their status at the bottom of the window, and edit their personal information by clicking the “Details” button.

Non-recruiters can use the information on this tab to answer basic questions about the guild from prospective members, or they can refer potential recruits to another member or here to the guild website.

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