Halasian Empire
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Guild Hall Guide
Created on September 9th, 2009 at 12:35pm

This guide provides an overall floor plan and a description for each resource in the guild hall. We encourage all members to make full use of the facilities…we all chip in, we all earn them, and they’re there to be used!

South Qeynos MapOur guild hall is located in lovely South Qeynos. Evil characters will need to either sneak into Qeynos or use a Magic Door (house item) to reach the hall the first time. (Be aware that there are mid-level guards near the North Qeynos gate and epic guards that wander the residential areas.) Once you enter the hall, you can use one of our amenities — the Guild Translocation Beacon — to receive a “Call to Guild Hall” spell, which has a 15-minute reuse timer.

All guild members are expected to help cover the cost of the hall and its amenities when they are able. The weekly upkeep (rent) and the purchase price for any new amenities is paid from the escrow account. You can deposit status and/or coin into escrow by double-clicking on the guild hall door (or by typing /house from anywhere inside the hall) and clicking the “Deposit” tab. You are only asked to give what you wish, and only when you can; we don’t require anyone to maintain a steady income of coin or status, and we don’t expect regular deposits.

Burynai Digger ("Mushroom")You may see this fellow roaming the hall; he’s Mushroom, our resident Burynai Digger! You can feed him mob drops labeled as “fertilizer treasure” — three items at a time: one each of a bone, water, and fertilizer — and he’ll give you a collectible in return.

You can have two of the three items in your bank and only keep one type of item in your inventory. I’ve found that the bones are hardest to come by, so I keep them on me and the fertilizer and water stashed in my shared bank. When I right-click and “feed” him, it pulls the bones from my bags and the water and fertilizer from my bank.