Halasian Empire
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How Can I Contribute?
Created on June 20th, 2010 at 10:12pm

There are a number of ways for members to contribute to the guild. We have no contribution requirements; instead, each member is expected to act on the honor system: Take what you need, and donate what you can. When we all work toward the betterment of the guild, we all reap the rewards!

Status Points

Earning status points is the single most important contribution a guild member can make. Not only do automatically contributed status points help to level the guild as a whole, but members can donate their personal status points to help the guild pay for its guild hall and amenities.

Complete writs:

  • Writs are special quests given by factions within your home city.
  • Writs reward you with coin, experience, personal status points, and city tokens.

Complete Heritage Quests:

  • Heritage Quests (HQs) are special quests that relate to EverQuest lore.
  • HQs reward you with coin, experience, personal status points, and a legendary item.

Other ways to earn status points:

  • Selling status loot to the appropriate NPC merchant.
  • Killing some named mobs.
  • Completing certain other quests, including some Missions and Signature quests.

Status points are automatically contributed to the guild when they are earned by any of the above methods. The donation rate is a flat 10% across the board, no matter your level or rank within the guild. If you complete a quest that rewards 20,000 status points, for instance, you will receive 20,000 personal status points, and the guild will receive 2,000 status points. These contributed status points are what levels the guild up. Your total contributed status points are shown in the in-game Guild window next to your character name.


Members can donate personal status points, coin, and items to the guild. Although these donations aren’t broadcast to the guild and congratulated, they are nonetheless very important in their own way.

Deposit coin or status into the guild hall escrow:

  • The guild hall is maintained solely through member donations into the escrow account.
    • The weekly guild hall and amenity upkeep (rent) is paid with the coin and status points in the escrow account.
    • Guild hall amenities are purchased with the coin and status points in the escrow account.
  • Making a deposit into the guild hall escrow account is easy!
    • Right-click on the guild hall’s front door and choose “Access” -OR- type “/house” from anywhere in the guild hall.
    • Click the “Deposit” tab.
    • Toward the bottom right corner of the window, click “Deposit.”
    • Enter the amount of coin and/or status you’d like to contribute, then click “OK.”
    • The “Deposit” tab shows a list of all characters who have made deposits, their latest deposit amount and date, and their total deposits.

Deposit coin or items into the guild bank:

  • You can access the guild bank from any banker in Norrath. Simply right-click the NPC and choose “guild bank.”
  • The guild bank will accept deposits from any member, regardless of rank.
  • The guild bank is divided into four vaults. Each vault is devoted to a certain item type. The acceptable contents are listed in the description area above each vault. (Keep in mind that you may need to scroll the description area in order to see all of the text there.)
  • Each vault has different withdrawal permissions, depending on the rank of the member accessing it. You can view the withdrawal permissions in the in-game Guild window.