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Hanging in there…
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We’ve been doing a good job at keeping up with our guild hall upkeep costs since our number of active members has decreased. Sometimes it comes right down to the wire, but we’re able to scrape by from week to week with no real trouble — it’s a testament to our members’ dedication and generosity.

That being said, there are things we can do to keep things from cutting too close to the bone. One of these is to re-evaluate our various guild hall amenities, since they make up the bulk of our weekly rent. (You can see all of our amenities listed in the Guild Hall Guide.)

I’ve made an executive decision to retire our Wizard Portal Hireling. He’s been made redundant by technology — isn’t that always the way? — and will be replaced with the Small Ulteran Spire. Both amenities serve the same purpose, but the Spire costs half as much as the NPC (in both purchase and upkeep).

We may need to make additional adjustments in the future, so please feel free to comment here or on the forums about which amenities you won’t miss and which ones you can’t live without.

In other news, there have been amenities added to the game with Sentinel’s Fate and Destiny of Velious that you may not be familiar with; check them out! We may decide to take advantage of these some time in the future, but for now, Mushroom is still doing a fine job. ;)