Halasian Empire
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New Halas arrives today!
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The long-awaited GU56 is hitting the live servers today, bringing new zones, changes to the travel system, and lots of other improvements and bug-fixes. You can read the patch notes here!

Some highlights:

  • New starting zone: New Halas (in the Frostfang Sea)
  • New “storyline” addition to the quest journal — make sure you’re using an updated mod!
  • Travel system revamp:
    • Bells & carpets consolidated into one travel category
    • No need to harvest Blessed Shrubbery to travel to a druid ring
    • Internal zone travel access quests/location taggings are now optional
    • Several additional zones now have internal travel systems
    • Static Ulteran spire portals added to the few spire destinations that didn’t have them before
    • Call spells’ cast time reduced to 10 seconds
  • Shader 3.0 is now available!
  • Queen’s Colony and Outpost of the Overlord are no longer available as starting areas for new characters
  • New “Render Mounts” option (Options > Display > Animation):
    • Render all mounts all the time
    • Hide mounts during combat
    • Hide mounts all the time
  • Guild hall Hunter Hireling now returns tier 8 and tier 9 meats
  • Carpets, discs, and cloud mounts all have Glide
  • Harvesting Depots now also store world event raw harvests
  • More red shiny collections for mastercrafters
  • Mastercrafted items have been improved
  • Research times of lower-level quests have been reduced

The servers are still down, but keep your eyes peeled; they should be coming up within the next hour or two!