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GU56 will bring New Halas to the live servers, but it also has lots of other changes in store. The way we travel across Norrath will be changing, and as a result some guild hall amenities will be updated with new locations and appearances! You can read more about the upcoming modifications here.

Long story short, the Magic Carpet to the Sinking Sands and the Mariner’s Bell: Shattered Lands that we already have in the guild hall will be redundant — they will both take us to all the same locations. This means that we can remove one of those amenities in order to free up a slot for something new!

This is the perfect opportunity for us to try to raise enough status to purchase the Guild Strategist that we’ve been eyeballing for the last year. We’ll have the amenity slot opened up soon, and we have more than enough coin to buy it. Our only obstacle at this point is to raise the amount of status needed: 20 million. (ouch!)

As of this post, our status drive is GO! We need at least 20 million status in the guild hall escrow by the time that GU56 goes live. Keep in mind that we still have to pay our weekly upkeep between now and then, and any deposited status beyond what we need to purchase the Strategist will be applied to future upkeep and amenity costs.

Not sure how to participate? It’s easy! Just complete adventure or tradeskill writs (aka “City Tasks”) or Heritage quests or sell status loot to our Commodities Exporter inside the guild hall in order to gain personal status points. To donate status to the guild, right-click on the guild hall door or type /house while inside the hall to bring up the housing window. Click the “Deposit” tab, then donate as much or as little status as you want. Remember that status deposited into the guild hall escrow account is non-refundable, but escrow coin and status is never lost, even if we move to another guild hall.

Good luck to everyone, and let’s get those points rolling in!!

Riannon said:

Just to note, I asked Kiara today about when next month we should expect GU56, and she said toward the end. That gives us about a month, give or take, to reach our goal. :)

Stropp said:

Might be a good idea to reset the poll since all those travel options will be made redundant quite soon (and since I foolishly voted for one of them!)

Riannon said:

Done! The poll has been reset, and the mariners’ bells have been removed. :)

Sev said:

If there’s enough interest maybe we can run some city raids this weekend:

Not sure how good the status is as they are by now fairly dates, but might be worth it. (The T9 writs sadly are a huge pain in the rear. Not the writs themselves, which takes maybe five minutes to complete, but the travel to and from the writ giver probably eats up a good 10-15 minutes depending on loading times.)

Catarya said:

City raids and maybe heritage quest runs as well?

Stropp said:

How did we go raising the 20m status?

Riannon said:

Brilliantly! :) The Usual Suspects(tm) all dumped quite a lot of status into the escrow account, and there were lots of smaller deposits by several other members as well. The Guild Strategist is now in the Travel Hall next to the Spire Wizard! :D

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