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We’re going to need a tie-breaker on our level 64 amenity poll to the right! If you haven’t voted already, please do so. :)

For a great run-down of the various available amenities and what they do, check out EQ2i’s Guild Hall Amenities article.

GreenArmadillo said:

At the risk of worsening the deadlock, there’s breaking news from today’s dev chat that the research assistant will now be able to research one spell per character instead of one per account (presumably for the next update, though they haven’t confirmed that).
I was not previously interested in that amenity because I only visited it once a month, but having one conveniently located will become a much bigger deal when this change happens. I’d voted for the teleportation spire (which is now totally useless), but I’d totally change that to the RA if allowed a revote. :)

Also, there was a forum post that they would be working on an Odus writ NPC. Since everyone en route to Odus lands in the zone with the writgivers currently, that’s much less significant than the Kunark one, but more food for future thought….

Riannon said:

Nice, thanks for the update! I can manually change the vote count, if you want to officially go from the spires to the RA. ;) I don’t mind resetting the poll entirely if everyone wants a do-over, though. (Let me know if you want that, guys!)

GreenArmadillo said:

Didn’t know it was possible to tamper with the votes, yeah, swap me from the now useless spires to the RA if we’re not nuking the poll again (or was that the last one that got nuked twice, we’ve had a bunch of these recently). :)

Sev said:

I don’t mind a reset :)

And, just to lobby, I prefer that guild amenities be something we can’t otherwise get from the game (such as the runspeed buff) or the flag. And, in case anyone is hesitant on the flag due to the cost, I’ll pay for it :) (Sev and Blais together have close to a 1k p now.)

Oh, and NO Riannon, not gonna spring for a T3 GH :P

Riannon said:

Cool…I’ll reset the poll shortly. :)

IIRC, it’s the status that stumped us the last time we went for the Strategist. I’ve got almost 200p squirreled away in my bank, so coin isn’t an issue (maybe I’LL spring for the T3 hall, hehe), but I don’t do anywhere NEAR enough writs to handle paying 20m status.

Riannon said:

Alrighty, revised and reset poll is go! Have at it. :D

Sev said:

Duh, I’m an idiot. 20 million is lot. Yoiks.

Riannon said:

Yeah. :-/ Well, we can have another contest or something to raise the status we’d need to buy it. What do you guys think?

GreenArmadillo said:

I would support some sort of a contest to get the flag (which was an outright winner in a past poll, until we discovered the price tag) if we think we can support it after we get it. I play a lot of different games, so one-time contributions are much more feasible than recurring ones for me. Of course, judging from the last contest, I’m guessing that most of the status would ultimately come from a certain pair of account-holders, so their votes matter most on whether this sort of thing is feasible. ;)

Sev said:

Contest sounds good ;)
I’m quite far from 20 million status … but the recurring shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

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