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The big day is here!! EQ2’s sixth expansion Sentinel’s Fate launches tomorrow. Players who have purchased the retail box are allowed access tomorrow, while digital download buyers will gain access next week.

The EQ2 Players site and various EQ2 fansites will be covering the launch minute-by minute. Here are some resources to help get you through the server downtime and take your first steps into the new content:

Sentinel’s Fate Ustream Launch Event

What to Expect on Launch Day

How to Get Started in Sentinel’s Fate

My fellow crafters will find the EQ2 Traders’ SF Clearinghouse quite useful. It will help you make sense of all the new recipes and factions that will be available.

If you use UI mods, be sure to keep an eye on EQ2 Interface so that you can download SF-compatible mods as they are released. There are changes coming to several commonly-used windows, so you may find the list of interface changes useful when it comes to disabling older mods.

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Sev said:

Being the dweebs we are, we pre-ordered the CE for all four of our accounts (that’s a hefty sum right there just for a mount …) Won’t be able to start until after work … but what with the snowstorm and the patching, doubtful we’ll get much play time in. No dico for us (sad face). That being said, I don’t even know where I’ll start. Tempted to do the trade skill instances — resource free leveling, plus a much better chance at rares :)

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