Halasian Empire
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Make sure you head to Gorowyn this week (through the 7th) to participate in the city festival. You can spend City Tokens for special goodies and collect purple shinies to earn a Gorowyn-style mailbox for your home. Don’t miss it!

To reach Gorowyn, you can take 2 routes:

1) Port to the Kylong Plains druid ring, then take the griffin from Teren’s Grasp down to Dreg’s Landing.

2) Hop on board the boat that stops at the docks in Antonica and the Commonlands. It will drop you off at the dock in Kylong Plains.

Once you’re at the KP dock, you can ring the mariners’ bell (loc 836.05, 2.43, 371.31) to be transported to Gorowyn. The quest-giver will be awaiting you at the dock, and the merchants are just inside the cave between the dock and the city.