Halasian Empire
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Hello, Level 60 :)
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Guild Level 60: Popup Message

Guild Level 60: Guild Event Log

Guild Level 60: Worldwide Broadcast

First, I have to say thank you to all the members who helped get us this far. Whether you did one writ or a hundred, you made a real difference. Everyone’s selfless contributions to the guild and to each other are what make Halasian Empire so wonderful.

Guild Level 60: Updated HeraldryWith level 60 come a number of great perks:

  • A new row in each of our guild bank vaults, which you can access by right-clicking any banker
  • The ability to add a pattern to our guild heraldry, which is modeled by Kharri, to the right
  • New mounts available for purchase from stablemasters
  • New items & titles available for purchase from city merchants
  • Three new guild hall amenities, which were chosen by a poll here on the website:
    • Gatherer Hireling: After 2 hours, gives you 200 random common harvests from root, shrub, & lumber nodes in the tier you specify
    • Miner Hireling: After 2 hours, gives you 200 random common harvests from stone & ore nodes in the tier you specify
    • Tradeskill Recipe Salesman: Carries all Essential recipe books for all tradeskill classes

Hopefully the 60s will be much easier going than the 50s were — seems like those 10 levels took us forever! We still have bigger and better things waiting for us down the line, though, and our next goal is to reach level 62. We will get one new amenity slot at 62; you can vote on what you think it should be in the poll to the right.

Once again, thank you all, and congratulations! :)